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Blobfish was voted the most hideous creature

The gelatinous Blobfish was voted the most hideous creature discovered in nature in a poll performed on YouTube and backed by celebrities.

Fish, which has a sagging and sad-looking face, is under threat from trawling off the coast of Australia, where it lives at depths of 2,000 to 4,000 feet (600m to 1,200 m).

Blobfish grows to 12 inches long and have no muscular tissue, but their animated, gelatin-like flesh permits them to bob about in the deep sea. They are inedible, but are often captured in fishing nets.

The vote was organized by the Ugly Animal Preservation Society, which intends to raise recognition of animals whose risk of extinction is greatly disregarded due to the fact that they are not 'cuddly' enough.

In 2nd spot with 617 ballots was the Kakapo, called a "rubbish parrot" located in New Zealand. The bird is not able to fly and is not terrified of predators, indicating numbers have dropped to vital degrees.

Additionally in the leading 5 were the Axolotl, a mexican salamander, an Amazonian amphibian known informally as the "scrotum toad" as a result of its old and wrinkly appearance, and the proboscis ape, which has a big nose, a pot belly and is extremely flatulent.

Simon Watt, who founded the society, asked a team of eleven celebrities and comedians to film brief videos promoting one creature as the ugliest worldwide. They were seen almost a hundred thousand times online, and each was given a rating based upon the variety of times people 'liked' the video clips.

Mr Watt revealed the outcomes at the British Science Festival, with the blobfish coming out on top with 795 "likes", and told a viewers he hoped that would "increase the profile of some of most aesthetically challenging animals".


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