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Fashion icon Dame Vivienne Westwood criticized the Duchess of Cambridge

Ever-contrary fashion icon Dame Vivienne Westwood criticized the Duchess of Cambridge for purchasing so many various outfits and called on her make even more of an effort to be eco friendly.

Before her London Fashion Week showcase at the Saatchi Gallery today, Dame Vivienne stated that when Kate goes to a lot effort to obtain an outfit that looks good, she ought to use it more often.

The designer, who believes in quality over quantity, disapproves of Kate's extensive wardrobe. There is however one Royal of whom Dame Vivienne would surely accept - Prince Charles has been wearing his favorite coat for more than 25 years.

Her newest remarks are rather unusual as the Duchess, called High Street Kate for her love of mass market fashions, is known for using attire on more than one event. Last summer, she used a blue, purple and white Whistles dress to both the Diamond Jubilee concert in June and the Olympic closing ceremony in August. And she is often seen in her favorite nude court shoes from LK Bennett.

Vivienne Westwood said: "I don't have any assistance to her, except I think it would be wonderful if she put on the exact same clothing over and once again, since that's very good for the environment and it would send an extremely nice message.

"If you're going to all that trouble to get an attire that fits you, then you must keep on using it.

"I mean you do not have to have a red outfit one day and then something almost the same in blue the next.".

Westwood, dressed in her usual wacky style with a picture of Julian Assange on her T-shirt, said Suday's Red Tag collection likewise carried the theme of quality over amount - however that does not mean less allure.


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