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ECO-heater is a thoughtful gift for everyone

The ECO-heater is a space heater that uses convection modern technology, a highly reliable procedure that quietly distributes air.

The ECO-heater warms the air in between the unit and the wall which increases and then cold air is drawn up from the floor unit which is then heated up.

Hence warm air circulates throughout the room calmly instead of being blown around by loud fans and motors that can break. The result is a quiet space heater that utilizes just 400 watts of electricity, or the equivalent to 4 incandescent light bulbs.

This decrease in energy use has actually an added advantage: it might reduce overall heating expenses by as much as 50 %. Perfect for use in a restroom, bed room, living space, or even an office, ECO-heater can be turned on to make any room a comfy, relaxing retreat, something that everybody deserves at the end of a long, active day.


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