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Deforestation in the Amazon decreasing

Deforestation rates in the Amazon have been decreasing since 2004 but critics say recent modifications to Brazil's rainforest defense code could reverse that trend.

Rainforests are the most biodiverse environments worldwide. They hold thousands of unexplored species, possible medications and native peoples. Jungles likewise provide us with clean air and are a crucial carbon sink, however they are frequently undervalued, made use of, misinterpreted and deforested.

The damage of Amazon rainforest has reached its lowest level since tracking started 24 years back, the Brazilian government states.

Research show the rate of deforestation fell 27% in the year to July compared with the previous 12 months thanks to government action against offenders.

Despite the decrease, in some Brazilian states there was an increase in deforestation. In Acre there was an increase of 10 %; in Amazonas 29 % and in Tocantins 33 %.

In Mato Grosso the reduction was 31 % and in Para 44 %.

Damage of the world's forests releases big amounts of carbon dioxide, which form part of the greenhouse gas exhausts that trigger global warming.

Large-scale deforestation has actually helped make Brazil one of the world's top greenhouse gas emitters.

Key causes of Amazon deforestation are illegal trafficking in wood and minerals, fires and the spread of farming and stockbreeding.


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