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Chemical cocktail in our everyday food

Millions of years of development gave people strong healthy bodies that progressed in a clean healthy natural non-chemical air and natural food environment.

The surprising honest truth is that many people are passing away from conditions that are avoidable but are related to the processed stuff we consume.

With so many "natural" and "environmentally friendly" alternatives on the market, one would presume it would be easy to dodge dangerous chemicals from entering your body? Unfortunately, this is not the case. As an increasing number of business bring out brand-new personal care and foodstuff, more eco-experts are discovering them to be green-washed and full of damaging chemicals.

The last century has seen an explosion of chemical based processed food-substitutes that our immune defense system simply cannot deal with. Possibly the body can resist the small amounts of chemicals in our food for ten to thirty years however the chemicals blend into something new and develop in our fat, reach hazardous harmful levels then do the incurable damages.

The chemical cocktails in the so-called "food" that are presented to us as the healthiest, tastiest hamburger, hot-dog, sausage or ham and numerous more are in truth harmful to our wellness. They are offered in grocery stores in lovely bags and advertised on television and enormous expense boards.

Most just recently beef-burgers were found to be a mix of horse meat and pig and no-one understands exactly what else is mixed in. Question is what other mixtures out there on the grocery store rack are waiting to devour us instead of for us to devour them.

Our body's protection system is designed primarily to resist exterior attacks, viruses, bacteria, wounds and anything that is found in the natural environment that occupies our bodies. The body strongly fights them off and we can recover.

All that has actually altered in the recent years since the "food" sector made mass produced ready to consume food products. They are canned, protected, colored, frozen, vacuum packed, plastic covered and bottled. Numerous have been shown to have actually synthetic chemicals mixed in that are known to be carcinogenic.

Today millions battle in a synthetic food chain that is no much better than a chemical swamp and a filthy fog. Many individuals don't think twice about what makes their Kraft Supper "yellow," their soap "anti-bacterial," or their hair shampoo lather on so well? The truth is there are thousands of shockingly damaging chemicals in our everyday products that we have to be more familiar with as customers. 89 % of the 10,500 ingredients utilized in personal care products have actually not been screened for security.


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