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Sticky glue used to keep London air clean

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson is currently in the limelight after being asked a series of uncomfortable questions.

During the Olympics so called "dust suppressants" were made use of in London to keep the air clean. The innovation works by spraying a sticky glue along hectic roads to pick up dust.

The Mayor of London's office firmly insists suppressants belong to a short-term technique to target contamination "hotspots" along with long-term measures such as retrofitting buses and planting trees.

Green groups accused the Mayor of London of "cheating" by using the sticky solution near air monitors so that readings of pollution were lesser. Now their complaint is being taken seriously by the EU Commission who are checking out whether London officials broke the policies.

Supervisor of Clean Air London, said the dust suppressants was used around monitors where pollution was above the suggested degrees. He additionally said authorities are dismissing monitors in locations where contamination is high by claiming they are on exclusive land or unimportant.

In order to meet the European Commission targets, the everyday limit for PM10 in the UK have to not go beyond 50 micrograms per metre squared even more than 35 times in a calendar year. The UK faces a £300 million fine for breaking pollution restrictions for each year the guidelines are broken. The EU Commission is also thinking about activity against the UK for falling short to putting down degrees of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), a harmful toxin that causes significant wellness problems.

Currently Spain has actually been fined for a comparable breach.


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