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Son and widow of John Lennon opposes fracking

Hollywood gave an Oscar to "Gasland," a documentary that shows fracking will push gas into some peoples consuming water, so the water will burn. It's genuine that some water consists of a whole lot gas that you can light it. Stars are now against fracking, the injection of chemicals into the ground to split rocks to release oil and gas.

Artists Against Fracking opposes hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, and flaunts participants including Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon, the widow and son of musician John Lennon, stars Mark Ruffalo and Susan Sarandon.

The team says forcing water and chemicals deep into shale deposits to extract gas threatens consuming water and the environment. Artists Against Fracking website implores, "Tell Governor Cuomo: Don't Frack New York.".

Artists Against Fracking group and nearly 200 performers are gaining attention and support in the disagreement, they was successful in getting political leaders to ban fracking in New York, Maryland and Vermont.

They just recently visited an anti-fracking occasion in Albany with Ruffalo, stars Zooey Deschanel, Alec Baldwin and Hugh Jackman, and Lady Gaga, together with various other long time protestors such as David Crosby and Paul McCartney.

A week ago, Artists Against Fracking released a video through Skype from numerous locations featuring whole lots of performers singing a Sean Lennon tune, "Don't Frack My Mother." In it, Yoko Ono sings part of the chorus, "Don't frack me!".


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