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Sanitation workers fishing dead pigs in a river near Shanghai

Authorities recovered hundreds more dead pigs from a river that offers drinking water to Shanghai, China's financial center.

Sanitation workers, clad in masks and plastic suits, have actually been fishing the pig bodies appearing in the Huangpu River. The pink, decomposing carcasses have wreaked nasty odors and alarmed citizens.

There were dead pigs all around. The lot of dead pigs found in a river near Shanghai increased to more than 13,000 over the weekend. Last Friday, the figure stood at about 7,500.

The authorities, who are in the middle of a week long effort to gather the carcasses, are still trying to identify how the pigs died and why they ended up in the Huangpu River, which winds through Shanghai.

Pictures of inflamed and decomposing carcasses in the Huangpu river have actually worried lots of residents, however officials say the water supply continues to be safe. Lots of citizens have actually begun drinking bottled water due to worries of contamination.

Pig remains that have been in the water for days would leak blood, intestinal tract fluids and other pollutants.
 The Shanghai government stated the city will continue to monitor water quality and examination for viruses including porcine circovirus.

The city decontaminated the carcasses before burying some and incinerating others. The government has firmly insisted that there is no evidence of an epidemic and that the food supply is safe. City authorities also state the river meets national water quality standards.

The authorities state they believe that numerous of the pigs originated from the nearby city of Jiaxing, in Zhejiang Province, where there are major pig farms. The surge in dumping of dead pigs has followed police campaigns against the sale of pork products made from diseased pigs.


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