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Eco dress on red carpet

The 100 percent naturally degradable garment, which took 120 hours to make, will be on display at the Hampton Court Palace in London this summer season at the behest of the Royal School of Needlework.

After that, it will be archived and shown at future Red Carpet Green dress features.

Naomie Harris ("Skyfall") wasn't just one of the best-dressed women at the Oscars. She was certainly the most eco-friendly.

She put on the winning design by Michael Badger for Red Carpet Green Dress, constructed at Vivienne Westwood's London studio from organic silk crepe de chine.

The embroidery included classic glass beads and chocolate sweet wrappers, and the zippers were recovered. Natural goldenrod and chamomile were used in the chemical-free dyeing process, which got a stamp of approval from Greenpeace International's Detox Fashion Campaign.

Badger, who made his sketches in a recycled sketchbook and showed his design on hemp watercolor paper, was the 4th winner in the contest, entry charges from which benefit charity. This year, $120,000 was raised for MUSE School CA, a nonprofit school in Malibu, Calif., founded by Suzy Amis Cameron, creator of the contest, and her sister Rebecca Amis.


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