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Costa Rica ecotourism destination

On an eco tour of Costa Rica you will discover a modern-day Eden bursting with sound and color.

Costa Rica is very popular eco tourism destination.

At its widest point, Costa Rica measures a bit more than 160 miles, and for a nation that's only half the size of Cuba, it packs in some very varied geography - four-fifths of it mountainous.

23 % of Costa Rica's national area is protected land. Costa Rica is considered to be one of the 20 nations with greatest biodiversity in the world.

The jungle definitely lived up to its name and was an enjoyment to check out by boat. Costa Rica sits securely in the tropics, so wet days were not cold ones and nights were warmer when the skies were not clear and the day's heat stuck around, caught by clouds.

Costa Rica is among the couple of nations on the planet that has an accreditation program for sustainable tourism. Various other companies, such as Sustainable Tourism International and the International Eco-tourism Society additionally provide accreditation, accommodation listings, and information.

Many of Costa Rica hotels and inns have actually received worldwide acclaim for their sustainable tourism practices combined with their locations in beautiful natural settings.

It is very important to compare inns and hotels that merely have a location in nature, and those that really specify precisely what practices and monitoring they finish order to minimize environmental effects and help the local economy and society.

Costa Rica is likewise en course to becoming the first carbon neutral country by 2021. The well-known vow by the Costa Rican government, provided in 2007, to become the first carbon neutral destination, raised the standard yet again for the international ecotourism area.


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