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Beaver Lake Cree Nation defend their future

Beaver Lake Cree Nation is taking legal action against Canada and Alberta to stop the Alberta tar sands developments. Beaver Lake Cree Nation is an area of  900 Woodland Cree whose homelands are in the path of the biggest industrial project on planet.

Their courageous battle to protect their hunting grounds is additionally the world's fight - to prevent growth of the climate-destroying tar sands advancements in Alberta. The Cree forefathers signed Treaty 6 in 1876, and in exchange for access to their land, they were ensured the right to hunt and fish for perpetuity.

The Beaver Lake Cree affirm that the tar sands tasks are unlawful and unconstitutional since they breach the treaty - by ruining the extremely habitat that the animals and fish rely on. The Beaver Lake Cree legal difficulty will have significant effects for tar sands expansion, with virtually 50 % of expansion strategies within Beaver Lake Cree standard regions. BP, Shell, ExxonMobil and Statoil all have tar sands interests and growth plans within these areas.

The fight of the Beaver Lake Cree to safeguard their hunting grounds and fishing waters is supported by those who see the large damage of the landscape as an ecological crime, and those who are afraid that the carbon released by the heavy oil projects could take the planet's climate past the tipping point.

The Beaver Lake Cree Nation wants to stop the expansion of tar sands exploitation. In so lots of ways, the Beaver Lake Cree Nation's relationship to the tar sands directly reveals the rich and irrevocable loss that would result from the continued contamination of Alberta's environment.

The only ones who could stop oil sands exploitation in Northern Alberta are native people, and they have a good case. Unless it could be justified, the governments can't enable these projects to go ahead if they are unconstitutional due to the fact that they infringe treaty rights. This legal action will conserve Canada and Alberta from their own rashness.

The law is clearly on the side of First Nations. The only barrier to justice and triumph in this case is the high cost of the legal system. Canada and Alberta do not want to lose this case, and they are putting up a severe battle. Right here in Canada, the tar sands are frequently referred to as North America's "other oil spill" and are vigorously being contested on multiple fronts. At the forefront, the Beaver Lake Cree Nation - a little band in main Alberta - has launched a suit to avoid any new industrial developments in the Alberta tar sands.

They are taking legal action against the Canadian and Alberta governments for the health of their culture, for the wellness of the boreal forest and the habitat that has sustained their people for generations, and for the wellness of the millions of other peoples whose lives are being influenced by tar sands exploitation. The  senior citizens will inform you they haven't seen a caribou in over 10 years on their typical regions. The water is slick with oily film and the air smells bad.

The Cooperative Bank in Manchester has actually supported the fight because as they mention on their website, this lawsuit is the finest possibility at stopping the damage and conserving the world from run-away environment change. Greenpeace Norway, the Women's Donor Network, the Nobel Women's Initiative and Shire Oak Energy was supporting Beaver Lake Cree Nation struggle for their future.


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