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Who helped eco activists storm the power plant? It was ... (Eco news)

Who helped eco activists storm the power plant? 'Ello, 'ello, 'ello, it was ...
The Guardian reported

• It is not enough for these eco campaigners to have the will to occupy gas and power stations. They've got to have the knowhow, which they have in spades; but, crucially, they have to have the gear. This week 11 activists from the group No Dash for Gas successfully scaled a 91m (300ft) metal chimney at a gas-fired power station in West Burton, Nottinghamshire. Another six occupied a second one that was not yet in use, securing themselves on ledges. How did that happen? Cast back to 2009 and the attempted invasion of Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station, also in Nottinghamshire. That was thwarted as the result of infiltration of a protest group by the libidinous undercover policeman Mark Kennedy. A pre-emptive raid uncovered the plan and loads of the protesters' equipment, including hard hats, climbing harnesses, ropes and sleeping bags. Well, as you know, the secret and carnal activities of Kennedy came to light, resulting in all convictions arising from the Ratcliffe-on-Soar prosecutions being quashed; and as a byproduct of that fiasco, the police were obliged to return the confiscated equipment. Much of which was used for this week's occupation in West Burton. But isn't that the great thing about our police. Always there to help.

• After the humiliating loss of that vote on the EU budget, meanwhile, the blame game begins in earnest. Big Dave has had three chief whips since ascending to leadership of the country. But, as political analyst Philip Cowley pointed out on talk radio station LBC 97.3, two of the three have manifestly failed him. In 2011 Patrick McLoughlin, since exiled to transport, lost a vote on the state of the economy – the government was defeated by 213 votes to 79. And the incumbent, Sir George Young, has his fingerprints on the latest debacle. The only chief whip Dave could trust was Andrew Mitchell, whose record for herding and bullying colleagues remained unblemished. But he started swearing at the wrong people. The stuff of tragedy.


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