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Green food report favours home-grown curry (Eco news)

Green food report favours home-grown curry
BBC News reported

England could spice up its food production by growing more herbs and spices, says a report looking at the nation's future food security.

It said it could become possible if the UK's climate changes, as could growing chickpeas "for roti-bread flour".

Experts involved in the government-convened Green Food Project also called for improvements in yields, resource efficiency and wildlife protection.

The findings will be unveiled by Farming Minster Jim Paice.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs set up the project in order to bring together representatives in farming, manufacturing, science and conservation to look at measures to ensure the UK's food system can cope with future pressures.

Among the issues facing the sector are climate change, a growing population, changes in diet and eating habits.

"With our increasingly hungry world, every country must place its part to produce more food and improve the environment," Mr Paice said.

"We're not talking about Soviet-style targets but an overall approach in which the whole food chain pulls together."


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