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Eco-friendly tyres that save fuel (Eco news)

Eco-friendly tyres that save fuel
Khaleej Times reported

Environmentally conscious car owners will now have a new choice when it comes to their four wheels: eco-friendly tyres.

Concern over greenhouse gas emissions and global warming prompted calls on major industries to lessen their carbon footprint and produce products that are not harmful.

Meanwhile, a tightening of legislation restricting the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from trucks and cars led car manufacturers to develop new tyres that help decrease carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, the Fox News reported Saturday.

One-fifth of the Europe’s total CO2 emissions come from road transportation, according to the European Environment Agency. Consequently, the European Union has introduced numerous CO2 restrictions.

These constraints compelled tyre manufacturers to produce eco-friendly, fuel efficient tyres.

Most of these tyres reduce their carbon footprint by making lighter contact with the road, reducing the amount of resistance and therefore necessitating less gasoline to push the vehicle forward.


michaeloco said...

Some long island toyota dealers told me about this when I asked for possible spare tyre that I could buy. I am really interested with this. I just hope it would not get damaged easily.

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