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Free Eco driving App from the AA (Eco news)

Free Eco Driving App from the AA
Easier (press release) reported

Eco driving = Fun? The two are not normally put together but that could all change with the launch of the AA's new Eco Driving App. This fun, challenge based, app could help to improve your driving techniques and see you save an average of between 10 and 20 percent on fuel bills.

Rising fuel costs are making many motorists look at their driving habits. According to a recent AA/Populus poll, 76 per cent of motorists are both cutting down on the number of car journeys and cutting back on other expenditure such as eating out or the weekly shop due to rising fuel costs. The AA Eco Driving App will help you monitor your driving style to reduce fuel consumption and all with an element of fun thrown in that your family and friends can get involved with.

The driver starts by selecting the vehicle, or mode of transport, that best matches their own ranging from van, super mini, saloon, bicycle to even a pair of trainers if walking or running each of which is represented by a quirky cartoon style image. The app is activated at the beginning of the journey and will monitor your driving and display to passengers how economically you are driving. Even if the phone is used during the journey the monitoring will continue. At the end of the journey an Eco Rating will be awarded for the journey depending on how economically you have driven. This score is saved and can be used to compare subsequent journeys to see how well you are improving over time.


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