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Eco-Nomics and Planet Positive team up to push green business consultancy (Eco news)

Eco-Nomics and Planet Positive team up to push green business consultancy
Business Green reported

Two leading green consultancies have today announced they are to work together to provide advice on corporate energy efficiency, employee behaviour change and carbon offsetting.

Eco-Nomics, a specialist in energy efficiency consultancy, confirmed that it has signed a partnership with sustainability certification and carbon offset provider Planet Positive that will see the two companies offer a "complementary" service to business customers.

Eco-Nomics provides energy efficiency consultancy and financing services, auditing an organisation's properties to assess their energy efficiency before then recommending a range of technologies and techniques that can be deployed to improve energy efficiency and deliver long-term cost savings.

The company also provides detailed estimates on the different pay-back periods for different energy efficiency technologies and can provide financing support to certain projects.

In contrast, Planet Positive specialises in carbon footprinting and the development of carbon reduction plans based on education and employee engagement. It then also offers firms the opportunity to offset unavoidable emissions through charitable projects and provides organisations that take steps to curb emissions with a "Planet Positive Business Certification".


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