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Suzuki fires up eco-car (Eco news)

Suzuki fires up eco-car
Bangkok Post reported

Suzuki, Japan's fourth-largest automaker known for its strength in the compact-car segment, is gearing up its eco-car marketing campaign and sales, targeting sales of 10,000 units in Thailand's highly competitive small-car segment this year.

Becoming the third or fourth eco-car carmaker after Nissan and Honda, Suzuki has not yet decided on the trade name of its eco-car built in Thailand. Mitsubishi also plans to launch its eco-car in the Thai market in March before the Bangkok International Motor Show begins on March 25.

"We are shortlisting more than 20 trade names so far and hope to reach a conclusion before holding a meeting with Suzuki dealers nationwide next month to outline the eco-car marketing strategies and plans," said Suzuki Motors Thailand's assistant general manager Vallop Treererkngarm .

He insisted that Suzuki eco-car to be sold in the Thai market is totally brand-new in terms of design as required by the Board of Investment which promotes the eco-car project.

Suzuki will begin assembling the eco-car at its 7.5-billion-baht baht plant in Rayong in March with output starting from 10,000 units this year to 100,000 units in 2016 as specified by BoI for eco-car promotion project.

Thailand has offered tax incentives to attract global carmakers to invest in eco-car production with some specifications such as fuel economy of at least 20 km per litre.


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