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Now baths are green option as eco-groups go cold on showers (Eco news)

Now baths are green option as eco-groups go cold on showers
The Independent reported

It is common knowledge that a shower uses much less water than a bath, and choosing a quick rinse over an indulgent soak has long been a badge of honour for domestic eco-warriors. The only snag is, this isn't necessarily true.

Research into the habits of British families has found that some showers use nearly twice as much water as the average bath. While an average eight-minute shower uses about 62 litres of water, compared with 80 litres in the average bath, some power showers can use up to 136 litres of water in that time – comparable to 200,000 litres of hot water per year for a four-person family, at a cost of £918.

Unilever, which conducted the study of 2,600 showers in 100 households, said it was the first of its kind to accurately measure water usage. The findings threaten to debunk the "eco-myth" that a shower is always the greenest option.

"Showers are an increasingly large part of the mix in terms of the amount of water we use," said Jacob Tompkins, managing director of Waterwise, which campaigns for water efficiency. "The energy associated with heating water in the home is about 5 per cent of UK CO2 emissions and it's around a quarter of energy bills."

He added that while most showers still represent a more economical option than having a bath, some high-pressure power showers, which represent around 20 per cent of the market, did use more water.


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