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Hamilton business packing eco-friendly punch (Eco news)

Hamilton business packing eco-friendly punch
Hamilton Spectator reported

The St. Catharines businessman and Hamilton native wants to bring an eco-friendly revolution to the packaging industry.

His mission started when he was working for the government, trying to entice new companies into Canada. One of the firms he looked at was a Finnish company offering a way to replace those pesky polystyrene packing peanuts with a product made from recycled paper.

“One day, this company came across my desk and I thought it was just the greatest idea,” he said. “I hate those peanuts that just explode everywhere when you open a box.”

Like many revolutionary ideas, this one is simple. Called PaperNuts, the product is simply twisted bits of recycled paper. Packed together, they interlock to form a tight binding around whatever they’re packed with. Unlike polystyrene packing peanuts, they don’t settle during movement and so don’t allow the shipped item to shift in its box.

MacRae liked the idea so much he and a partner pooled their resources and bought a Canadian licence to manufacture and distribute the product across the country. They also have a partnership with an American company to sell south of the border.

Their message is heavy on environmental benefits — it’s “green” to use a product that’s made from recycled paper rather than petroleum that will last in a landfill site for a thousand years without breaking down.


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