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Banned rally car wins eco competition (Eco news)

Banned rally car wins eco competition
Independent Online reported

The modified Oaktec Honda Insight hybrid rally car that you see here has won the hybrid electric vehicle class of the RAC Future Car Challenge by consuming just 2.9 litres per 100km.

This is the same car that caused a stir recently when it was considered too fast to compete in its rally championship.

Now the eco-car (created by an innovation company in the UK) has taken on the world's leading green car manufacturers, specialist companies and celebrity drivers in an energy efficiency competition where the competitors are measured on the amount of energy they use to complete a timed course between Brighton and London.

The Challenge began early on Saturday morning on Brighton seafront and ran a tortuous route into central London, finishing with a parade and display on Regent Street, which was closed for the event. The Future Car Challenge runs back-to-back with the world famous London to Brighton veteran car run and attracted an estimated quarter of a million spectators.

The Oaktec team of development engineers, Paul Andrews and Jeremy Dale, were awarded their trophy at a gala dinner in front of an audience of competitors and celebrities in the Royal Automobile Club on Pall Mall.

Yet they nearly didn't make the start line after a series of pre-event problems with the car's development battery system. Oaktec believes that if the batteries had been working as normal they would have scored an even better economy result on the event, of under 2.8 l/100km.


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