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4 Fantastic green sailing Eco-friendly cruises (Eco news)

4 Fantastic Green Sailing Eco-Friendly Cruises reported

Finding ways to become eco-friendly has quickly become a goal for many individuals and businesses around the world. Cruise lines are no exception to this movement. Cruise ships by nature are large floating pollution producers; however, several cruise lines such as P and O Cruises and Royal Caribbean have taken steps to decrease their carbon footprint on the world.

Costa Cruise Line

This Italian cruise line was the first to become environmentally friendly. Costa Cruise Line has taken intricate steps to ensure that all of their ships have comprehensive plans in place in order to dramatically cut back on energy use and excess garbage. They even teach their staff and crew how to be eco-friendly through educational programs focusing on ways to keep the environment clean. Due to their ground-breaking efforts, in 2005 they were awarded with the Green Star notation environmental award.


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