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The top Green-IT organizations: Hard-wired to be green (Eco news)

The top Green-IT organizations: Hard-wired to be green
Computerworld reported

Computerworld's top 12 green-IT organizations were chosen from a group of 70 applicants, each striving to find new ways to reduce energy consumption in their IT equipment and use technology to lower energy use elsewhere in their operations.

In fact, these organizations have woven energy-saving initiatives into the very fabric of their IT strategies. They are tapping the collective brainpower of their IT staffs to capitalize on existing technologies such as virtualization, telepresence and solar arrays while seeking out new methods to better control their carbon footprints.

NBC Universal CIO Christopher Furst may have said it best: "It's hard work. There's no silver bullet. It's something you have to work on every day."

And every day, these organizations are finding new ways of reaching their goals. At Kaiser Permanente, the IT team came up with its own method of measuring cooling system efficiency. Many of the company's power-saving initiatives come from "Keep IT Green" teams, groups of IT staffers that meet monthly to generate new ideas. Allstate Insurance uses a business-case approach -- if it's a smart idea that can save money, the IT team will give it a shot.


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