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Green economy possible with political will (Eco news)

Green economy possible with political will reported

Only a crisis brings about real change. When the crisis occurs the ideas that are adopted are those which are readily available. It is part of the duty of the Church to keep alive alternative ways of thinking and living in preparation for the time when the politically impossible becomes the politically inevitable.

One of the great mysteries is how sober scientific analysis can be repeated from conference to conference, with no impact on our behaviour. The Church operates in a different and often more vivid language, the language of the acted parable.

To draw attention to the scandalous waste of food in this country there was an event, organised by the author Tristram Stuart, to feed 5,000 people in Trafalgar Square from the scraps that would have been discarded by supermarkets. Food on a biblical scale was served, with 5,000 curries, a quarter of a ton of smoothies and three tons of fresh groceries being given away to hungry Londoners.

The event will be held again this year, this time in collaboration with the Mayor of London.


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