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Enviro Announces That Eco-P is Online (Eco news)

Enviro Announces That Eco-P is Online
MarketWatch (press release) reported

Enviro Petroleum announced today that the Phase 1 of Eco-P, a web-based platform who tracks and showcase emissions reduction, is online. With this technology, users of Enviro Plus will be able to monitor their emissions reduction contribution in real time. The technology, developed by the company in a partnership with Crossweb and Mind Oven, represents a milestone for the company as Eco-P is to become a world recognized application.

"We cannot be more excited! For Enviro, Eco-P is the face and meaning, to what we want to achieve; help reverse the greenhouse effect. Now our customers will share this excitement as everybody can see how powerful the Enviro Plus technology is", commented Armando James Collazo, Global Marketing Director of the company.


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