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Eco-friendly auto Alfa (Eco news)

Eco-friendly auto Alfa reported

Emissions are down and fuel economy is thrifty in the newest Alfa Romeo Giulietta. This car, with the petrol engine, has Euro 5-compliant emissions at 121g/km and fuel economy is at 54.3mpg over a combined cycle, making it a very attractive proposition for the C-segment indeed.

This elegant five-door hatchback also benefits from Alfa’s newest transmission, the ALFA TCT, a twin dry clutch semi-automatic with optional paddleshifters behind the steering wheel. Developed with Fiat, this transmission is super-responsive with no perceptible loss of power during gear changes, and it can be operated automatically or as a manual sequential gearbox using the shift lever, or paddles if you go for that option. The transmission interacts with a stop-start function and the high-tech system manages torque delivery on low-grip roads.


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