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£18m green energy fund announced (Eco news)

£18m green energy fund announced
The Press Association reported

First Minister Alex Salmond has announced a raft of initiatives to help Scotland "rule the waves" in green energy.

Mr Salmond announced a new £18 million fund to support green energy commercialisation; 2,000 modern apprenticeships specifically for the energy industries; and a further 1,000 flexible training places for energy and low carbon.

He said his ambition is for Scottish companies to "design, engineer, fabricate, install and maintain the great new machines" of future energy provision and export them to the world as part of the "green reindustrialisation of Scotland's shorelines".

He also said that the Scottish Government will increase its fuel poverty and energy efficiency budget by a third, to help a further 200,000 families to heat their homes.

His comments came during his main address to party delegates at the SNP conference in Inverness this afternoon.

The loudest applause was reserved for his bid to gain control over the next 40 years worth of oil and gas for "the people of Scotland".


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