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The worlds most eco friendly vacuum cleaner?

The world's most eco-friendly vacuum cleaner?
Cambridge Network reported

Cambridge Consultants, a leading design and development firm, has developed a new ‘eco-vacuum’ concept called Stem that would use 43% less energy than the average vacuum cleaner, whilst maintaining the same cleaning performance. This dramatic saving is made possible through Cambridge Consultants’ ‘Ecovation’ methodology - a process developed to integrate innovation and environmental considerations into each stage of the concept generation and design process. The approach employed in Ecovation can be applied to any type of product to reduce its overall environmental impact, and the eco-vacuum is the first example to be developed by Cambridge Consultants using the methodology.

The Stem eco-vacuum’s energy saving is derived from Cambridge Consultants’ Ecovation methodology. Focused on ways to reduce a product’s overall ‘eco-impact,’ the methodology nurtures the non-obvious approaches by considering the system as a whole, analysing all aspects of a product’s environmental impact during its lifecycle - from material extraction to manufacture, product use and finally disposal. This thorough understanding of both the product and the user focuses the innovation process to identify radical ideas to significantly reduce eco-impact, without impacting overall performance. With power consumption by far the biggest factor in a vacuum’s eco-impact rating, Stem would deliver a 27% reduction on overall environmental impact over the vacuum’s entire lifecycle, compared to the industry standard.


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