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Wayne Hemingway creates eco-umbrella with drinks brand (Eco news)

Wayne Hemingway creates eco-umbrella with drinks brand
The Independent reported

English eco-pioneer, fashion designer and founder of label 'Red or Dead' Wayne Hemingway has designed a limited edition umbrella made entirely from recycled plastic bottles.

The designer, known for his socially conscious creations, designed the umbrella in collaboration with Coca-Cola to mark the launch of the company's PlantBottle range in the UK.

The PlantBottle is, Coca-Cola claims, the first-ever recyclable plastic bottle made partially from plant-based material (22.5 percent) and recycled plastic (25 percent).

Each umbrella created by Wayne Hemingway is made from five recycled plastic bottles which have been processed into yarn. With regards to his design, Wayne Hemingway stated "[...] I don't believe in waste, I think we should all be thinking on how we can recycle the materials we all use everyday," the designer also expressed hope that the umbrella would inspire more people to recycle their plastic bottles.


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