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Brendan Barber will urge unions to build new green economy (Eco news)

Brendan Barber will urge unions to build new 'green' economy
The Guardian reported

Britain's trade unions must build a movement for an "economic alternative" rooted in green technologies and forcing banks to lend to small businesses, the leader of the TUC says on Monday.

On the same day as the government-commissioned Vickers report outlines plans for reforming UK banks, the TUC's general secretary, Brendan Barber, will urge trade unions to "shift the debate" away from deficit reduction and on to building a new economy.

As this week's TUC conference begins at its headquarters in London, plans will also be announced to raise a £2m fighting fund against public spending cuts via a 10p levy on its more than 6 million members.

In his keynote speech on Monday Barber will say that repairing the public finances can be achieved only by creating jobs and growth through building a "new economy" around green technologies, retaining the 50p tax rate and forcing banks to lend to companies.


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