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Katie Holmes Guillermo del Toro raise eco-conscious kids (Eco news)

Katie Holmes Guillermo del Toro raise eco-conscious kids
Mother Nature Network reported

On the Melbourne, Australia set of the new scare-flick "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark," instituting green practices was a bit of an uphill battle, admits producer Mark Johnson. "We were at a studio that did not have recycling. But we were very specific about the kinds of cars that could be driven," he notes. Off set however, star Katie Holmes and screenwriter-producer Guillermo del Toro are quite eco-conscious. "We're very green. We recycle — that used to be my job as a kid, I'd do it with my mom. My daughter has a garden," she says, referring to Suri, her five-year-old with Tom Cruise. "She got a little garden kit for her birthday. She loves it, the joy of seeing something grow." Del Toro refers to his daughter, 10, as "the green police. It's like having PETA and Greenpeace all in one. She grows her own garden, talks about compost. She gets it from school and TV. Her favorite shows are on Animal Planet and National Geographic."


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