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Go Green: Want to really go green? Consider an eco-community (Eco news)

Go Green: Want to really go green? Consider an eco-community
Taunton Daily Gazette reported

If you’ve aspired to live an eco-friendly lifestyle and found it difficult within an energy-hungry culture, you’re not alone. Hiding in plain sight all over the world are communities of people who take sustainable living a step further, creating intentional communities with a green focus. Hundreds of eco-communities or eco-villages exist in both urban and rural settings, from Maine to Los Angeles and abroad. They vary widely in character and population. But their main purpose is to foster a socially supportive community that also embraces green living.

According to Liz Walker, co-founder of the EcoVillage at Ithaca in upstate New York, intentional communities are exactly that: people coming together with the intent to create a community. A variety of green building techniques allow the EcoVillage homes to achieve high energy efficiency. Each of the 15 duplexes was built using a passive solar design and is insulated with dense-pack cellulose made from recycled newspaper. Plumbing and wiring lie completely inside the insulating barrier. Triple-paned fiberglass windows keep out winter’s cold and use the sun’s energy to help heat the home.


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