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Clipper introduces new eco friendly vehicle (Eco news)

Electric vehicle operates from Consolidation Centre in Enfield

Clipper has introduced the latest addition to its fleet in the form of an eco-friendly Electric vehicle. As an on-going commitment to the Crown Estate, the Electric vehicle operates from Clipper’s Consolidation Centre in Enfield, and delivers the consolidated goods to the retailers on Regent Street. The Electric vehicle offers many benefits to both Clipper, retailers and many of Regent Street residents; including zero emissions, reduced vehicle noise, energy efficiency and is therefore environmentally friendly.

The Consolidation Centre operation reduces traffic congestion, improves air quality, allows for deliveries to be made to better suit the retailers, and also offers full pre-retail services to make best use of in-store staff.

Deliveries are consolidated with those of other retailers from around Regent Street and released from Clipper’s warehouse to arrive at the stores at pre-arranged times. The use of an electric vehicle will provide further environment benefits and many of Clipper’s existing and potential customers are already making good use the of delivery vehicle.


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