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Ryanair signals brand U-turn with eco claims (Eco news)

Ryanair signals brand U-turn with eco claims
Marketing reported

Ryanair is planning its first "green" marketing campaign to highlight its credentials as a "low-emissions" airline.

This marks a shift in strategy for the carrier, with its chief executive, Michael O'Leary, having previously labelled global warming "horseshit".

Ryanair will incorporate the activity into its winter campaigns online and in print. A spokesman said the activity is expected to run in addition to its price-led message.

O’Leary claimed on Monday that his airline is the "cleanest" and "greenest" in the world, as Ryanair reported E156.6m (£138m) in pre-tax profits for the three months to 30 June.

He described his fleet as low on CO2 and noise emissions, in comparison with the "high-fare, fuel-surcharging, flag-carrier competitors who continue to operate older, inefficient, gas-guzzling aircraft".


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