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Formula 1 delays introduction of green engines until 2014 (Eco news)

The move comes after opposition to the early switch to 1.6-litre turbo engines fitted with extensive hybrid technology from the current 2.4-litre V8s.

As part of the compromise, the new engine formula will be for six-cylinder engines rather than the four-cylinder units that were originally agreed.

That is a sop to Ferrari, who objected to the restriction to four cylinders.

The sport's longest-serving and most powerful team had objected because the restriction had no relevance to any of their road cars.

The changes to the rules, which were agreed at a meeting of the F1 Commission on Wednesday, must be approved in a fax vote of the World Council of governing body, the FIA, on Monday.

This is expected to be a formality, even though F1 commercial boss, Bernie Ecclestone - who sits on both the F1 Commission and the World Council - favours the retention of the current normally aspirated engines.

The rules were originally voted through by the World Council last December, but in the intervening months, considerable opposition within F1 became clear.

Of the current engine manufacturers, only Renault were completely in favour. Ferrari objected to the restriction to four cylinders, and Mercedes were concerned about the speed of the introduction of the rules.


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