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Top 10 Green Cars: the future is super-low carbon (Eco News)

Top 10 Green Cars: the future is super-low carbon reported

Expect super high fuel efficiency, super low carbon emissions – and even some futuristic roof-hinged doors.

Eden made waves with its Sexy Green Car Shows in 2007 and 2008, bringing people face to face with cutting-edge models that use clever design, alternative fuel and eco materials. As editor of, I get to see the very latest technological breakthroughs at the international motor shows. So here’s my pick of the crop for you: the sexiest and greenest cars that could one day be rolling off the manufacturing lines.

To get an idea of how low the environmental impact of these gorgeous looking cars is, it’s worth bearing in mind that the average fuel efficiency of a new UK car today is 50mpg. And the average CO2 emissions rating is 144.2g/km (grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre driven).


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