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Eco energy to provide up to 80 percent of electricity in 2050 (Eco news)

Eco energy to provide up to 80 percent of electricity in 2050
Sofia Echo reported

Sun and wind energy can be just some of the renewable energy resources which can meet the world's growing energy demand in 2050, a UN report says, quoted by Reuters.

According to a research made by the UN's international panel for climate change, the energy the sun produces has the greatest potential for low carbon energy generation for the planet.

As a whole, the UN report is quite optimistic about the future of renewable energy resources. It states, however, that green technologies remain more expensive than hard fuels. Also, renewable energy production must be increased about 20 times, so that any large scale consequences from climate change are avoided.

Poor countries will benefit significantly from investments in renewable energy resources as a larger part of the population has no access to electricity.

In 2008, about 13 per cent of the energy produced was green as this figure is expected to grow according to different countries' renewable energy capacity. China is the leader in wind energy production.

So far bio mass is the most widely used source of renewable energy in the world.


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