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Designs from Yemen, Argentina and Uganda triumph in eco-awards (Eco News)

The award winners of the Livable cities competition hosted by Philips were announced on the evening on April 27 at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Winning designs included a scheme to trap rainwater and an idea to turn city streets into a recreational area.

The competition encouraged businesses, non-governmental organizations and individuals to sublmit ideas for "simple solutions" that would improve the health and well-being of people living in an urban environment.

The award was divided into three categories, Independent Living, Well-being Outdoors and Healthy Lifestyle.

The Living Cities Award ( opened to entries in May 2010 and closed on October 28, the winning designs, announced April 27, were chosen by a jury of experts including architects, university professors and business people.

The overall winner was announced as Sabrina Faber from Sana'a, Yemen, who designed Rainwater Aggregation - a means to capture, filter and store rainwater in her hometown and thereby solve the water shortages the people of the city commonly experience.

An award were also given to Manuel Rapoport from Buenos Aires whose idea Plaza Movil Street Park proposed closing the city to traffic during the weekend then using portable playground equipment to transform the streets into a recreational space.

James Kityo from Kampala in Uganda proposed the development of Shade Stands, shelters to provide essential protection against the elements for people waiting for public transport in Uganda. Each of the 45 proposed Shade Stands would also include educational material on some of the health issues facing Ugandan people.


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