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Scottish election: Politicians turn to eco-community (Eco news)

Scottish election: Politicians turn to eco-community
BBC News reported

With the Holyrood election campaign in its sixth week, the BBC's Good Morning Scotland reporter Kevin Keane continues his journey to find out what matters to ordinary members of the country's electorate.
In tranquil surroundings on the Moray coast, the Findhorn Foundation's eco-village is now home to some 400 people.

Set up in 1962 as a spiritual community, it began in the 1980s to evolve into the community it is today.
One of the core values is sustainability, in fact they were recently reported as having the lowest ecological footprint in Europe.

Now this community wants governments - themselves champions of sustainability - to learn from their model.
I asked trustee Michael Shaw if he thinks Findhorn is an example which can be replicated by other communities.

He told me: "I would say the answer to that is yes and it's not so much imposing or achieving but them choosing to do it.


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